Connecting you to a strong network

In a borderless world, we are here to connect you to partners and opportunities worldwide. You will also gain access to the whole bank – from personal investments to corporate banking, and award-winning digital connectivity to keep you instantly ahead.

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Tailored to your unique goals

You are unique. And so are your goals. Through an approach that delves deep to understand your needs, we tailor solutions that fit you in every way.

Navigating you through tough times

Change is a constant, and that’s why we leverage the best-in-class capabilities of the bank to actively watch over and manage your portfolio.


Live Ahead with in-depth analyses

Our extensive network brings you in-depth analyses of markets, industries and more, with over 700 companies tracked – broadest coverage in Australia.

Sharp insights at your fingertips

Up-to-date news and insights, as well as weekly analyses from our Chief Investment Officer – BCBA iWealth® puts them all at your fingertips.


Powering you towards a better future

BCBA has won the prestigious award of being named “Best Bank in the World”, a first for a Singapore and Australian Bank - conferred by Global Finance. When you bank with us, you have the assurance of the world’s best and Australia’s safest.

In a borderless world, being well-connected opens up opportunities.

Lawrence Lua

Deputy Head

BCBA Private Bank